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"I was a people-pleasing child who played the peacekeeper in my family. I grew up with a mom who was burnt out, confused and "shoulding" all over herself while passing down the generational trauma and messaging that women don't matter. I entered the workforce as a conditioned people-pleaser and worked for bosses asking me to stay small and agreeable."

Not. Anymore.


You deserve to live as more than just an extension of your partner, your children or your work. I want to help you feel known and validated in this world. 

For the past 10 years I've empowered thousands of women to overcome the devastating beliefs and habits that make them feel like they don't matter and experience the joyful power of taking back their life. 

I created the TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE coaching program for women ready to say NO to all the things that are keeping them stuck in a life that has been defined by the influences around them. 


The process is simple- You'll learn the foundational tools to help you self-reflect with more self-compassion and clarity, challenge unhealthy belief systems that are holding you hostage and confidently identify and communicate your needs. 


Once you book a discovery call, you'll have taken the first step to taking back your life- literally. If you're not ready to get started, download the #1 Boundary to Change Your Life pdf.


YOU MATTER and I am committed to helping you discover yourself- you own thoughts and feelings, your desires and your voice so you can break the cycle and live life on your own terms. 

Kelly just has a way with words. She's direct, but gentle, no-nonsense, but incredibly kind.

Sherry P.

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The journey from people-pleaser to confident & fierce advocate was not linear, nor was it neat & tidy. But it was exciting, challenging and energizing with each new tool I acquired.

I left my peacekeeping role behind me at 18 & devoured all of the education I could possibly manage, from post-secondary studies to weekend workshops, online courses & leadership retreats. 


And as I re-entred the workforce with more personal strength & perspective, I strategically chose companies & positions in which I could implement these emotionally intelligent tools to help hire & build stronger teams. 


I took on roles that mentored & coached others, empowering them to set goals with more clarity & move with more conviction toward the life they wanted for themselves. 


Eventually I set up my own personal coaching programs to offer 1:1 support with clients.


That has lead to bigger opportunities like guest speaking at college lectures, facilitating group workshops and consulting for provincial & national organizations. 

Meet Kelly_edited.png

My thoughts would overwhelm me and I'd get so discouraged I'd actually sit down and hear myself spin out. Now I have a process- steps I can gently walk myself through when I feel the overwhelm come on.

Trisha G.

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