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You matter.

A 12-week coaching program for women ready to do the necessary work to deeply understand who they are, set life-changing boundaries & start putting themselves first.

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Putting yourself first
doesn't make you selfish.

It gives you the time & space you need to love your life.

If you are

  • Overworked, overwhelmed, disconnected, & distracted

  • Meeting the needs of everyone but yourself

  • Being pulled in a million directions

  • Drowning in a pile of “shoulds”

It's time to

Take back your life

by building your emotional intelligence, critical thinking & healthy communication.


Understand where

you are now.


Learn the skills you need to move forward.


Check-ins, feedback & celebrate your successes.

I was struck by Kelly's frank yet gentle honesty and insight beyond her years.

- V.B.

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Kelly Sarlo

BA with specialization in Psychology
Certified Life Coach
Certified Nutrition Coach


I know what it feels like to believe your thoughts and opinions don't matter- to believe that peace and harmony are more important than your own needs and desires. I also know that buying into that belief system stops you from ever feeling worthy of fully living.


I want to help you feel known and validated in this world. 

For the past 10 years, I've empowered thousands of women to overcome the devastating beliefs and habits that make them feel like they don't matter and experience the joyful power of taking back their life. 

I created the TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE coaching program for women ready to say NO to all the things that are keeping them stuck in a life that doesn't feel like their own.

The process is simple- you'll learn the foundational tools to help you self-reflect with more kindness and clarity, challenge unhealthy belief systems that are holding you hostage and confidently identify and communicate your needs. 

Once you book a discovery call, you'll have taken your first step to taking back your life- literally. If you're not ready to get started, download the #1 Boundary to Change Your Life pdf

YOU MATTER and I am committed to helping you discover yourself, your desires and your voice so you can break the cycle and start living life on your own terms. 

How to Get Started

Book a free 20-minute call with Kelly.-2.png
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Life Coaching with Kelly gave me self-awareness, focus

& peace. What else can you ask for?!

- Mallory C.



I didn't realize how low I'd set my bar.

Kelly helped me raise it.

- Alice J.

Blog Posts

Thoughts, musings & insights to help you live
a more full life.

Imagine a world where you matter as much as the people you take care of.

Start living life on your terms.

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