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Breaking Ninety Fitness takes busy women on 90-day journeys to creating sustainable fat loss forever.  

Guiding Principles


Meet the Team

Alex Harriman Breaking Ninety Fitness.PNG

Alex Harriman

Nutrition & OTA Level 2 Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

Jerrika Rydall

Alex is a certified personal trainer through ACE, certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, and Certified Online Trainer through the Online Trainer Academy.

His passion for overall health and fitness has grown stronger the longer he's worked in this industry. He loves helping clients overcome massive barriers and obstacles that are holding them back from living their happiest, healthiest lives.
Kelly Sarlo Breaking Ninety Fitness.png
Jerrika Rydall graduated from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science, Honours, in Kinesiology. She is a Registered Massage Therapist based out of Sudbury, ON.

Her passion is all things movement related - exercise programs, injuries, mobility, accountability and goal setting. Breaking Ninety Fitness promotes and teaches everything that Jerrika believes in - sustainability in a health and wellness program, teaching important habits, and creating a healthy relationship with exercise and food.

When not coaching, you’ll find Jerrika in the Sudbury trails hiking, camping on Manitoulin Island or playing softball.

Kelly Sarlo

Mindset & Accountability Coach

Kelly is a certified Life Coach and Health Coach. She has a BA specializing in psychology from the University of Ottawa.

Her passion is empowering women to deeply understand who they are, set life-changing boundaries and start putting themselves first.

When she's not coaching, Kelly can be found on the court playing ladies volleyball or hiking and paddling with her partner and two doodles. 
Mo Squires Breaking Ninety Fitness.png

Mo Squires

Accountability Coach

Mo has been active most of her life as a competitive swimmer and gymnast in her youth. She has experience in fitness competitions as well as multiple obstacle races in her 40s. She plays a ton of softball and works out daily, which she loves and makes a priority. Mo loves helping to keep  B90 clients as well as friends accountable and motivated on their individual journeys.
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